Hair Treatment

Keratin Hair Treatment

  • Keratin hair treatment has been a buzzword for quite some time now. Hair salons have moved on from promoting rebonding to keratin as the go-to treatment. It’s seen as the perfect solution for dry, frizzy hair that prone to severe hair loss and breakage.

What is keratin?

  • Keratin is a protein that is naturally occurring in our hair. It constitutes 91% of our hair. Over time, due to the impact of hair styling, chemical products and age, the amount of keratin decreases. As a result, our hair become dry, coarse and lose out on the natural shine and gloss. To remedy this, keratin hair treatments have become a go-to. The treatment adds a layer of protein (keratin) to your hair, thus strengthening them and making them manageable.

What are the benefits of keratin

  • What are the benefits of keratin for hair? Advantages of keratin-treated hair: 1. Makes hair silky smooth and manageable 2. Is temporary, so there’s no lasting damage

Is keratin safe?

  • Is keratin safe? As it’s a chemical treatment, it’s not 100% safe. In Brazilian blowout, a formaldehyde-releasing solution is applied on the hair. While this chemical makes hair frizz free, large doses are harmful. Smoothing treatments, however, do not use formaldehyde, making them a safer option.

Which type of keratin treatment should I

  • Which type of keratin treatment should I get? Before making your hair undergo keratin treatment, it’s important to know which one to go for. There are essentially two types of keratin treatments out there. 1. Brazilian blowout: It straightens out your hair texture and lasts up to 3 months 2. Smoothing treatments: they de-frizz your hair and add shine but don’t change the hair texture. As these do not use formaldehyde in the process, their effect lasts up to 6 months. So, if you don’t want to say bye to your curls just yet, opt for smoothing treatments. However, if you want a straighter look

Relax treatment for tired curls

  • If your curls have lost their bounce and shine during the quarantine, a relaxation treatment can help revive them. Relax treatments are good for dealing with frizz and can be customised to tame your curl and control movement. The best part is that the treatment lasts for months so you don't have to go back in too often for up-keep.

Detox treatment for product buildup

  • Let's be real, no matter how careful you are, your hair care habits can lead to product buildup over time, especially in the absence of regular salon treatments. Which is why a hair detox session at a salon — which includes clarifying the hair shaft— can make your scalp feel lighter and boost healthy hair growth. These treatments also help get rid of impurities and add oodles of volume to your tresses.

Moisture treatment for dry hair

  • A moisture treatment at the salon is the updated version of the deep conditioning sessions you have been indulging in at home. The protein-based treatments help bring back shine in dull and lifeless hair. It also helps add shine and life back to dull and lifeless hair. Plus, it also helps with the split ends.

Scalp facial to boost hair growth

  • A hair treatment that finds its roots in Japanese hair trends, scalp facials are the new ‘skincare’ for hair! With drawn-out steps of washing/conditioning, scalp scrubs and serum massages, the scalp treatment will help you get rid of flaky and itchy scalp. It also gently exfoliates your scalp to boost hair growth.