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A wide range of beauty services under one roof

Hair Care, Frizzy, damaged, lacking sheen, do all these describe how your hair feels? Is Pollution and environmental changes leaving your hair dull and dry? Give your precious tresses a flawless shine with a Hair Spa or an Oil Massage that will Strengthen & moisturize the inner structure of weak & dehydrated hair strands.

Hair color and re-texturing treatments like straightening, re-bonding, smoothening, etc play with the hair bonds making them dull and dry. While Hair color ups your style quotient, repeated use of these colors and treatments surely makes hair dehydrated. Now up your style quotient without losing its natural sheen with a Hair spa that will restore the moisture balance of the hair and keep them healthy.

We at Head and Face have a wide range of Hair Spa’s and scalp massages. With brands like Moroccan, Medavita, Wella, L’Oreal as well as a range of our self curated spa’s, we have it all to give your hair health and shine along with fashion. Our hair care services are not only cost effective but also highly relaxing. The fragrance of the spa coupled with a relaxing massage by our experts will sure make your hair spa experience worth a comeback. It is quick hair nourishment at its best, leaving the hair shiny, smooth and manageable.

Head and Face Hair care services now cheaper than your local salon. Clean towels, polite behavior, original products, well trained experts, relaxing environment and lots more. Don’t compromise; visit Head and face.